Subscribing to the NCPS listserv is a good way to make sure you get announcements related to the NCPS. You will get very little additional email as a result of subscribing: the list is set up so that only a few designated people can post directly to it. If you do have an announcement suitable for publishing to the list, please send it to an officer of the NCPS.

If you are subscribed to the list but never receive list messages, this could be because your spam filter is identifying the list as a source of spam and junking your messages. The fix for this will depend on the mail program you use. In many cases you can ensure that messages from are not treated as spam simply by adding that address to your address book.

If you are not subscribed, please consider subscribing. It is now the most reliable way (short of checking this site) of getting information about NCPS activities. If you decide later that you would prefer not to be a subscriber, instructions about how to unsubscribe can always be found at this site.

To subscribe, send (from the address to which you want the message to come) a message to with the following content:

subscribe NCPS-L yourname

To unsubscribe, send (from the same address) a message to with the following content:

signoff NCPS-L

Note that the character between “S” and “L” in the list name is a hyphen.